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At the start of any spiritual journey - get a strong energetic and self-awareness foundation and you will be able to flow harmoniously on your path.

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Basics & Energy Flow

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Intuition & Psychic Gifts

Why should you join?

This class is the start of any spiritual journey - get a strong energetic and self-awareness foundation and you will be able to flow harmoniously on your path. This class will offer tools and tips to help you know your energy body, heal triggers, create and sustain boundaries, and learn how to follow your intuition. Through a three-part process of discussion, info sheets, and guided visualization, this class provides the structure to navigate a chaotic world smoothly, with confident awareness, and with gratitude.


"Beyond the buzzwords, Martha taught me the practical and tactical tools for how to stay buoyant in the face of the collective heaviness and angst of this time. Through her shamanic lens, the energetic notions of healing, setting boundaries and honing intuition became clear teachings. I highly recommend the Check Yourself class as a nourishing gift to deepen your awareness and tune into yourself. These energetic building blocks are essential tools, and Martha is a supportive teacher, realist, channel and guide."

Dani, 2022

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Hi, I'm Martha!

I'm a curious person, a great listener, a jokester, obsessed with hummus, and a dog lover. I will honor where you are on your path and how you identify. I am a LGBTQ+ ally and proud to believe that LOVE IS LOVE.

While I am comfortable with laughing at myself during sessions, I do take this craft seriously. You can expect me to be humble, honest, and be filled with gratitude. I fully respect what Spirit has brought me in this life, but I also won't stop being human. Therefore, no woo-woo language or unrealistic aspirations for my clients... just real talk, real healing, and real fun.


Why take this course?

Self-awareness, self love, empowerment and connection.

This class encourages a balance of your inner authority and inner nurturer, helping you feel grounded, supported, and have clarity of perspective. This class shares ways we can find healing, love our inner pains, and step into our innate power so we can honor our boundaries and find your light, feel your joy, and embrace your sovereignty. This class is more than energy boundaries - its a lifestyle shift!

What will you learn?

How to move through life with perspective, perseverance, self-healing techniques, and intuitive wisdom. This class will help you to stay grounded, self-loving and forgiving, and re-introduce you to your soulful confidence.

Check Yourself offers tools to encourage the remembering and reawakening to:

Curiosity - a sense of adventure and discovery in life, being your own guiding light, courage and confidence to make your own choices intuitively and intentionally.

Passion - feeling your own inner fire of creativity and love!

and balance - creating peace within ourselves from a place of truly knowing and understanding the complimentary nature of our own dualities. When we accept who we are and know that we are already "enough"- we can be empowered to live life mindfully, wholefully and heartfully.

Why do boundaries matter?

When you can understand who you are, you can navigate through life and the world with an authenticity and accountability that holds you in your wisdom, truth, and joy. This class is about helping you learn who you are on a soulful and energetic level - so you can know when to honor boundaries, how to hold them, and allow yourself to live with them so you can be the strongest and most connected version of you!